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Available now at CMG is PANIC BOOM. An eleven song album that has been described as a tsunami of song and sound. Recorded by industry veterans, this album takes the listener on a musical journey, so buckle up and tale a ride with them. 

Volume: CMGPB1000

Album Title: Twenty Eight

Description:  Twenty Eight has been described as a tsunami of song and sound, taking the listener on a musical journey, that is nothing less than breathtaking.Only the time between songs is when the listener can catch their breath. For brand identity packages, sports franchises and sports promotion, action-adventure TV shows, films, and lots more...

Released: 2022

Tracks: 11

Genres: TV/Film: Brand Identity: Sports

Moods: Anthem Rock: Moody Industrial: Adrenaline-Fueled: Pure Noise: Harmony Rock

Subgenres: Sound Design: Promotion: Action-Adventure:

Label: BOOM Records


Track 1

Bpm 90


Keep It To Myself

Hard driving guitars, thunderous drums, and haunting harmonies, are just a few things that makes this mid tempo masterpiece a candidate for many applications. have a listen and find out for yourself, but by all means, don't keep it to yourself.

Keep it to myself PANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_01
00:00 / 03:48

Track 2

Bpm 112


Kalifornia Son

Percussive, Grooving, Melody, with big hooks that take you on an imaginary adventure to any place you can think

Kalifornia SonPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_02
00:00 / 03:45

Track 3

Bpm 80


Love Child

Dramatic, haunting intro building into a mid tempo vibe creator, as you hold on to the giant dramatic groove…

Love ChildPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_03
00:00 / 04:23

Track 4

Bpm 72



Rock and Roll hooks from the very start, this non-stop riff rock , drum intense track, creates questions and answers them without time to figure it out for yourself. Big guitars, big drums, big vocals and surprises around every corner. 

RezolutionPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_04
00:00 / 04:25

Track 5

Bpm 102



A haunting Cello intro only gives you enough time to buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight to this wild ride. Guitar riff and thunderous drums, that leave a groove so deep you could fill it with water and go for a swim. Chilling harmonies, with hooks and ah ha moments that gives you chills with each second that passes by. 

StardustPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_05
00:00 / 03:34

Track 6

Bpm 104



Hard pounding guitars, thunderous drums that lay down a groove that compliments the in your face vocals. A political sound that isn't political at all. It's up to the listener to decide where they see themselves when the issues are brought up through this angry, absolute statement in a song. 

RevolutionPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_06
00:00 / 03:30

Track 7

Bpm 144



A haunting song about a famous surfer that drowned tryin to save others that takes you on a musical journey as you experience a variety of emotions. This vibe driven song is eerily lazy at times, making the listener feel as if they are waiting in the water, with an inevitable end.

FearlessPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_07
00:00 / 03:32

Track 8

Bpm 136



Non-stop groove from note one, as this rattle snake makes it's way into the listeners ears only to invade and stimulate every part of the body with an unpredictable ending. 

00:00 / 04:41

Track 9 

Bpm 134



This moody gem was written during a tropical storm when the singer went to visit family in Florida. At the same time he would run into his ex girlfriend, and the result is Elsa..This song is as powerful as any tropical storm...

00:00 / 04:31

Track 10

Bpm 130


Told You So

Told you so is pure ear candy with a message. Exploring sounds, and vibes, with hooks that grow bigger as the song continues. Melodic guitars engulf the ears as the the groove is held together by a rhythm section with a thirty years history together. I you dare listen to this, just remember I told you so.

Told you soPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_10
00:00 / 02:47

Track 11

Bpm 110


What We Want

This monster is relentless. From nite one, your face is at the edge of being ripped off by insane, thick guitars and a tribal drum beat that is as angry as good. While your face is experiencing the pleasure of guitars, the drums pound your chest louder than Kong on a skyscraper. Buckle up is give us what we want by listening to this beast. 

What We WantPANIC BOOM CMGPB1000_11
00:00 / 02:44
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