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charlie greene



available on iTunes and Spotify

Charlie Greene is an Atlanta-born singer-songwriter who now calls Los Angeles his home. With his voice of gold and powerful lyrics, Charlie fulfills his instinctive obligation to create rich and timeless music.

Volume: CMGCG5000

Album Title: Bad Ideas

Description:Charlie 'Bad Ideas' was produced by CMG founders, David Resnik and Niko Bolas. Charlie Greene created this album to reflect all areas of the human experience with songs about cleaning up, screwing up, going to town, hitting rock bottom, running away, deciding to stay, and more!

Released: 2023

Tracks: 9

Genres: TV/Film: 

Moods: Confident, Inspirational, Bewildered, Chill, Melancholy

Subgenres: Adult Contemporary, Folk

Label: CMG Recordings


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