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All the latest and up to date Cinema Music Group news.

new music coming

CMG artist, BRAD LIEBERMAN, is set to release a brand new album
entitled "Square The Circle," STC. 

"This project is all about bringing together 2 things, which are normally thought to be so different that they cannot exist together. But they can and they do; like to have courage one must know fear. To know love, one must experience hate [and so on..]. The natural order of things in life is just that: unity through plurality of opposites. SQUARE THE CIRCLE. Square cube into a round hole. When we are not sure, we are alive," exclaims Lieberman. Stay tuned for further updates regarding this much anticipated project.


CMG/Calabama Recording Artist 


Chris Pierce's newest album, 'Let All Who Will' delights audiences and critics alike. HighTimes News described it as being the perfect "balance between immediacy and longevity." 'Let All Who Will' continues the quest of amplifying unheralded voices, aims to bring us together across the bitter trenches that divide us and examines the essentials of the human condition: resilience, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality. The recording sessions were led and produced by CMG founders David Resnik and Niko Bolas. 


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CMG Recording Artist 

Charlie greene

The highly anticipated work of LA-based singer-songwriter, Charlie Greene, is now over! His new album 'Bad Ideas' is available on all streaming platforms. He's got songs that cover every area of the human condition: cleaning up, getting down, screwing up, hitting bottom, running away and deciding to stay. This project was produced by CMG founders David Resnik and Niko Bolas.


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CMG Records

Scheduled to release some spectacular projects 

randy christopher bates

The first solo project from Panic Boom/Lithium vocalist Randy Christopher Bates, dropping FEB, 2024. This collection includes the haunting cover version of the 80's classic "Video Killed The Radio Star" as well as nine new songs written by bates, and his closest friends and bandmates. This recording session featured the top players of today, including two members of The Who, former drummer Simon Philips, and current bassist Jon Button.


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Production Projects 2023

Besides producing and composing the collection of music in the CMG library, this past year saw the founders of CMG working collectively and individually on a number of fantastic projects. Niko and Dave produced the critically acclaimed Americana artist Chris Pierce on his upcoming release “Let All Who Will” scheduled for spring 2023. Also, LA based singer songwriter Charlie Greene whose incredible new collection of songs was produced by the Bolas/Resnik team, along with modern rock singer Randy Christopher Bates from Panic Boom, whose former band East of Gideon was produced by Niko and Dave in 2021 and released in summer 2022.

Recording & Mixing Drums

CMG co-founder Niko Bolas on the techniques of Recording & Mixing Drums

METAlliance's Recording & Mixing Drums: Contrasting Techniques from Seven Lifetimes of Recording Experience; Al Schmitt, Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Niko Bolas with Bill Gibson

The list of credits for each member of the METAlliance would more than fill this page. It's very likely that you'll love and recognize many of the songs and artists on this very select discography of METAlliance:


2022 saw founder Niko Bolas join the METAlliance, a group of five globally recognized award-winning audio engineers who have been deeply involved in establishing techniques and technical standards that are the foundation of modern music recording. Niko is one of the newer members replacing the late Ed Cherney and Al Schmitt, legendary engineers that we recently lost. Look for their new book “Recording and Mixing Drums” as well as a January 2023 ‘In Session’ event at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN.

Immersive Audio

The immersive audio technology is a fast-growing high end consumer product. From new automobiles to home entertainment, master recording owners are seeing the demand for this new medium grow. Niko Bolas is one of the best immersive engineers in the business, with projects from Neil Young, Lindsay Buckingham to Steve Perry on his discography. Contact us when the need to diversify your mix catalog arises! 

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