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New at CMG we introduce TV PEOPLE. TV People is a group of latch key kids re-imagining their favorite themes, from traditional to modern and always evolving… eclectic tracks will cover all moods and genres that are produced and broadcast for current television programming.

Volume: CMGTVP2000

Album Title: Self Titled

Description: New to CMG TV People is a group of latch key kids re-imagining their favorite themes, from traditional to modern and always evolving…

Released: 2022

Tracks: 9

Genres: TV/Film

Moods: Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy

Subgenres: Sound Design: Promotion: Action-Adventure:

Label: CMG Recordings

Track 1

Bpm 160


The Wild Ride

Action/adventure orchestral fantasy, with evolving sections and a climactic quirky ending…

The Wild RideTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_01
00:00 / 01:25

Track 2

Bpm 65


The Tragic Season

Dramatic, intense, with a simple intro into a strong middle and end…

A Tragic SeasonTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_02
00:00 / 02:00

Track 3

Bpm 75


La Condesa

Mysterious continental melodic theme, suspenseful twist, and dramatic deconstructed ending…

La CondesaTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_03
00:00 / 01:39

Track 4

Bpm 62


Emergency 911

Urgent dramatic intro with a sudden breakdown, then a build in to an inspirational dramatic theme with a solid ending…

Emergency 911TV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_04
00:00 / 02:28

Track 5

Bpm 74


Shadows in The Dark

Creepy melody and orchestra evolving in to a dramatic cinematic theme, brooding and intense…

Shadows in the DarkTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_05
00:00 / 02:37

Track 6


Bpm 70

An Unfamiliar Voice

Suspenseful, classic intro in to a dramatic quizzical break and rebuild, then a twisting plot repeating until a piano end…

An Unfamiliar VoiceTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_06
00:00 / 02:17

Track 7

Bpm 125


Guardian Realm

Haunting sonic layers with voices and flowing patterns and a long dramatic tail at the end…

Guardian RealmTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_07
00:00 / 01:34

Track 8

Bpm 120


Desert Nights

Brooding, cold dark bed with a hypnotic female voice and percussive drums building to a triumphant climax…

Desert NightsTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_08
00:00 / 01:24

Track 9

Bpm 84


The High Road

Inspirational Americana with jangling guitars, singable electric guitar melody and uplifting changes…

The High RoadTV PEOPLE CMGTVP2000_09
00:00 / 04:16
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