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chris pierce



available on iTunes and Spotify

Chris Pierce is an American singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, public speaker, wine producer, and officiant born and based in California. 

Volume: CMGCP4100

Album Title: You've got to feel it

Description: Chris Pierce's newest album, 'Let All Who Will' delights audiences and critics alike. HighTimes News described it as being the perfect "balance between immediacy and longevity." 'Let All Who Will' continues the quest of amplifying unheralded voices, aims to bring us together across the bitter trenches that divide us and examines the essentials of the human condition: resilience, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality. The recording sessions were led and produced by CMG founders David Resnik and Niko Bolas.

Released: 2024

Tracks: 15

Genres: TV/Film: 

Moods: Inspirational, Soul Music

Subgenres: Pop, Contemporary

Label: Calabama/CMG Recordings


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