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Our Clients

Working with the biggest names in the industry.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse 

the barn

This 2021 Neil Young and Crazy Horse Documentary features Cinema Music Group co-Founder Niko Bolas working with Neil to capture magic in a barn in Colorado.

ABC Yellow Campaign 

abc promo

David Resnik and longtime collaborator Jim Goodwin created this music signature and campaign with design company Pittard Sullivan in 1998. It has proved quite enduring and remains in ABC’s rotation to this day.

Niko Bolas with Steve Lukather

sunset sound

CMG co-founder Niko Bolas shares memories with Steve Lukather and Drew Dempsey at a recent Roundtable session where they discuss recording projects from the last 30 years.

Draco Rosa -  All Natural 

draco rosa

Produced by Ed Cherney and David Resnik, this electrifying live performance was recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2004 and mixed at the Record Plant in Hollywood CA.

Bruce Willis 


Resnik and Goodwins company Mad Bus, in their first project with The Ant Farm lead to this classic custom trailer score.

Session with the late Jimmy Johnson 

chris pierce

From the 2016 Chris Pierce release “You’ve Got To Feel It”, this video is a montage of photographs from the sessions at The Nutthouse in Muscle Shoals. One of the last recording sessions that the late legend Jimmy Johnson played guitar on.

Here's My Hand official video

randy christopher

Niko Bolas and David Resnik produced this solo release from Panic Boom's Randy Christopher Bates at Sunset Studio in 2022.Written by Randy during a visit to Puerto Rico that summer, this video directed and produced by Phil Varone captures the sentiment from his visit. Available on all streaming platforms in 2023.

The Swampers & Muscle Shoals Horns

chris pierce

David Resnik and Steve Bassett produced this incredible cover in Muscle Shoals in 2016 with the legendary Swampers and The Muscle Shoals Horns. Resnik was also the  Executive Producer on this fascinating video directed by Renee Faia and produced by Tara Buck and Mariah Delfino Leepson.

Africa - Niko Bolas engineer


Niko Bolas credit list is long and varied but we would be remiss in not acknowledging that he was engineer on this 80's classic recorded at one of our favorite rooms, Sunset Sound Studio 2.

resident evil

retribution 3D

CMG's David Resnik and his team of musicians re-create the classic Who song Baba O'Riley for the introduction segment of this trailer from 2012.

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