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Cinema Music Group is a music licensing company designed specifically for use in Film, TV, Advertising, and any other media where there is a demand for a reliable and high-quality music sync licensing solution. Featuring easily identified edit points underscores and alternate mixes, cut-down versions, and stems, Cinema Music Group provides you with a consistent, versatile and cost-effective option for all your production music licensing needs.

In addition, our music is pre-cleared and may be licensed for use in any and all forms of media, worldwide. With Cinema Music Group collectives, you’re fully indemnified, eliminating any legal clearance concerns. And because we own or control all of the music rights to everything available on our website, you can rest assured that it will be available to you the next time you log on! 

Needle Drop / Single use /

Pay Per Use Licensing 

Use a specified track in a specific production

Production Agreement

Use multiple tracks in a single production or series

Blanket /

Subscription Licensing

Use multiple tracks in multiple productions within a

specific time frame (known as term)

Cinema Music Group Licensing Made Easy

We are here to help provide personal service & flexible licensing to make any project you have hassle-free. Once registered, you'll be ready to take a musical licensing journey. 


Contact us about the flexible licensing options that will maximize any budget and guarantee you're project is 100% covered. 


Needle Drop /Single-Use Licensing

Cinema Music Group offers a pay-as-you-go music licensing model that allows you to license music on a per-use basis, paying a fee each time you use a track, or multiple tracks, in a new production. A pay-per-use production music license, also known as a needle-drop license, may be the right choice if you only need to use music or audio in a single production. With a per-use license, you can ensure that you’ll never pay for music that you don’t need. From a single-use music license that is perfect for one song in a one-time-only broadcast, to more adaptable licenses that allow for multiple plays within the series, ad campaign, or film, UPM has a range of options to choose from.

Recording Studio

Custom Music Licenses For Productions

Need a music license to cover a unique advertising campaign, broadcast/VOD/OTT usage, film trailer, game or app, or a mix of media. We will quickly and happily create a bespoke music sync licensing package for your production to ensure you are covered for everything you need, nothing more, and most important nothing less. Contact us for more info and let us create a unique license for your needs.

Record Store
Film Slate Marker

Subscription / Blanket Music Licenses

Cinema Music Group provides a very cost-effective way to access our whole catalog.

Enjoy unlimited downloads/unlimited use of the music during the term of your production music license, with a subscription customized specifically for the music rights you require. Subscriptions are available in annual, multi-year, or monthly plans, covering all your productions that call for music. We can also provide subscriptions that cover a single episode or an entire production series.  

Bottom line: if you’re producing enough content, taking advantage of a subscription can save you time, reduce paperwork and substantially lower the cost of using the music, compared to single-use music sync licensing.  


Music Licensing for YouTube Videos

YouTube has emerged as a very powerful medium thanks to its high-quality streaming capability and a social aspect that lets content creators and fans interact. Whether you’re a famous vlogger or professional content creator, it’s essential to have the legal rights to use your audio. Get a music license for YouTube from Cinematic Music Group, and avoid copyright issues that could derail your project. Learn how to license music for YouTube here.

Recording Studio

Music Licensing for Podcasting

Music has a very important role in podcasting.

From intro themes, closing music, cut music to play while you transition between segments, and sound beds to fill out space under dialogue, great audio is a necessity. Licensing music for podcasts from UPM is as simple as finding the tracks you like and selecting an agreement that works for your budget and needs.  Contact our licensing expert to learn more about licensing music for your podcast.

Commuter with Headphones


Most importantly, purchasing a license to sync music in your production ensures that the artists and creators of the music are fairly paid for their work. Working with music licensing collectives like Cinema Music Group ensures you are not at risk of breaking music copyright laws, your production is eligible for broadcast and you do not risk takedown notices on YouTube or social networks due to copyright infringement.

Contact Cinema Music Group licensing experts and let us help you with all of your music licensing needs. Save time, save money, and have peace of mind knowing you and your project are covered.

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